The wedding ceremony and the festive party that follows after it are the most memorable moments in the life of the newlyweds and their relatives. A professional wedding photographer will help to capture the bright moments of the celebration and make interesting, not trivial wedding photos. The master of his craft skillfully catches interesting moments, successfully arranges people and objects in the frame, achieving not only a technically correct shooting, but also the transfer of the emotional mood.

The operator's job is my favorite activity, so I am deep to the process with all responsibility. Making a successful photo, I get such pleasure as celebrated couple and guests, because each wedding is unique its own way, has its own atmosphere and traditions. Special national colors are distinguished by national parties, where each action has its own significance, each attribute symbolizes a message or wish to the spouses. In order not to miss an important moment or ritual, having a sacred meaning, a professional photografer should be familiar with the traditions of holding a ceremony of a particular nation.

When on a German party after the wedding ceremony the spouses slowly and solemnly step on the path from the fir branches, this frame must be certainly get into the photo album of the family. Newlyweds do not just pass the green spruce path - they step on a new joint path paved with luck, hope and wealth. Very colorful and dynamic looks the pictures of the dance of money - the tradition of the wedding in Greece, when guests attach money notes to the newlyweds' clothes. And the Indian ceremony of showering the couple with flower petals is a perfect background for a wedding photo, which the couple will warmly and tenderly consider in the future.