All couples in love are beautiful. And I, as a wedding photographer, make efforts to convey all their charm in the photo. And if people of the same sex get married, then my task becomes even more interesting and exciting - becouse it is necessary to convey all the tenderness and love that a man feels for a man or a woman for a woman on their wedding photos.

My job is to correctly and unobtrusively create an image of beautiful love, and I'm glad that such couples are increasingly turning to me. This trust is very valuable, and I'm happy to make the best photos for you and your partner.

Where does the work on the future photo album begin?

For the first, I always get meeting with future marrieds, because the task of a good photographer is not to follow the standards, but to improvise, creating an individual photo screenplays. I pay attention to the features of characters, appearance, temperament.

Special attention is paid to the screenplay of the wedding. The plan, which is being photographed, depends on it . But if the couple wants to make adjustments or have special requests, I always listen to my respected customers opinion.

Often relatives of same-sex couples who marry take part in the discussion of the future album. After all, such a wedding is always under closer attention of all relatives, familiars and friends. But this is more plus than minus. Because, more attention means the higher requirements for quality and originality of images. And I'm, as a professional, happy to show all my talent so that my customers are satisfied and able to recommend my services to their friends.

Believe me, your photo album will be the one you ever dreamed about, preparing for the wedding, sending invitations to your friends, making up a program of celebration. Kind, sometimes funny, but always romantic pictures that would be an honor, when there are happy days when the wedding of two lovers of hearts took place.