When all the unrest associated with the preparation for the wedding and the wedding ceremony is left behind, it's time to relax and come in joy and merry festive entertainment! If the photo from the wedding ceremony can be called touching, tender and sensual, then the pictures of the party are distinguished by their dynamism, enthusiasm and humorous plaque. The cheerful color is set both by the newlyweds themselves and by the guests, and even the elderly grandmother and grandfather, dancing with their grandchildren, can become a star of the picture.

Fascinating competitions, agile dances, game actions - there will be a lot of interesting dynamic scenes with newlyweds, groom's friends or bridesmaids, parents or guests on the celebration . A professional wedding photographer skillfully catches the best moments - throwing a bride's garter, flying a wedding bouquet and jumping girlfriends in the hope of catching it, the moment of cutting a cake, festive fireworks and other bright events. Any detail was paid attention, and it may be a spot of cream on the jacket sleeve, if a funny story is associated with its appearance.

Looking at the family photo album in the future, the spouses will remember that cheerful atmosphere and again feel like newlyweds, who are trying to stain the nose by sweet dessert. This is priceless, to look at young and loving ones, at the rejoicing guests, at dancing friends and even at the grandfather who sprung directly on the chair. As a professional photographer, I know that high-quality wedding photographs can turn time back, so I always work with inspiration. Each my picture can return memories of a specific moment of the celebration and once again dip into an exciting and infinitely joyful atmosphere.