Wedding is an important event in the lives of lovers and their relatives. The festive day is filled with various activities, especially if a festive program is planned. The task of a professional wedding photographer is to show every stage of the celebration without leaving behind an incident or an interesting moment.

Every moment and every emotion has historical value and must be imprinted on the photo. After all, the newlyweds are not to be able to keep track of everything happening on the celebration, and wedding photos will help them to recreate in thoughts and revive the celebration in memory.

In the process of wedding photographing in the format of photojournalism, the material is not maked chaotically - as a result of the operator's work a romantic, beautiful, interesting story will be produced as "travel" from generation to generation. I love my work and I always take care that my photo story covers all the main stages of preparation and holding of the ceremony and becomes an decoration of the family photo album.

The story of two lovers' hearts can begin with pictures from the engagement or with the preparation for the wedding. The path to the place of the celebration also will be not without attention. The main part of the story will be photographs of the ceremony - the moment when the couple officially legalizes their relationship and declare oaths to each other.

The most interesting and fun part of the wedding report is the main program. Competitions, dances, active entertainment on the celebration is a powerful positive emotional charge, and the pictures with it will repeatedly please the spouses in the future.

Attention is also paid to the final of the celebration - cutting the cake, festive fireworks, farewell to the newlyweds, who are tired but endlessly happy depart on their honeymoon. Let me tell your happy story in interesting, emotionally saturated pictures.