Preparation for the wedding can continue several months or weeks, and this process is always accompanied by some significant events. It can be funny incidents or responsible tasks that are performed by future spouses with theirs family and friends.

Buying rings or a wedding dress, decorating a hall, drawing up invitation cards, inflating balls or visiting a confectionery to select a cake - every moment matters and deserves to be captured in the picture. Any detail and any important moment will not escape from a professional look of a wedding photographer. A loving couple will be able to revive again and again this unforgettable and infinitely happy period in memory by leafing through their photo album. What feelings are bruised a bride early in the morning, who will have to swear allegiance in a few hours? With what emotions on the face does the young man dresses his suit? A professional operator will be able to catch a moment and show on the photo not only the character and the surrounding environment, but also the deep atmosphere, which is permeated all around.

In the picture, even insensate objects can be presented - cufflinks, a barrette or a bride's tiara lying on the table, a wedding bouquet, a miniature garter with ruffles, or in an elegant white lace that will soon be tightened into the corset of the wedding dress.

It is equally important to capture the closest people - the bride's parents, who try to hide the slight sadness and excitement, the groom's friends who are genuinely happy for their friend, a little niece who fiddly tries on the wedding shoe until the adults notice. Preparing for the celebration is an important stage, so among wedding photos there should be a place at the same time sad and happy pictures, which show lovers several hours before the onset of a new phase of family life.