When oaths are voiced and the spouses exchanged rings, the first dance begins. A couple prepares for its long time before the event, choosing a song that will be remembered for the rest of his life. Romantic and sensual, passionate and burning, or fervent and dynamic - the song encourages the newlyweds to move in beat, to look the partner in the eyes, showing their emotions by looks and movements. Photos of the first dance will be a reminder about this romantic event, therefore it is resonable to entrust photographing of such an important moment to a professional wedding photographer.

In such wedding photos, only newlyweds can be in the center of attention, or the bride with the father, the bride and groom with the guests. A professional operator will choose the right angles, taking a close-up photo or a distance photo. Skillfully juggling with details that fall into the frame, you can achieve the desired emotional background. A scattering of petals of roses under the feet of lovers, burning candles in the distance, the guests surrounding a couple - any character, festive attributes or an object of the interior are important when staging a successful picture. The decoration of the family photo album will be a picture of a tender kiss during the dance as a symbol of deep and sincere feelings, promises to make your soul mate happy.

Professional photography of weddings is not only my work, but also my favorite business, which I am devoted 100%. Given the importance of such an event in the life of a married couple, I prepare only high-quality material for my customers - and these photos are surely with a soul and with meaning. Considering them, even in tens of years you can instantly return that bright emotional state and recall every nuance of celebration.