Have you already get over the most exciting moment in the life of a couple and your partner has agreed to offer a hand and a heart? Then the engagement is ahead, after which young people can officially call each other "my future spouse". Engagement is the finish of the unmarried life and the initial stage of the upcoming wedding, which means that you can begin to fill the family photo album with the first photos, because in the eyes of the surrounding people, young couple is almost husband and wife.

Engagement is an exciting event, because a young man should get consent to a marriage from the parents of the bride. Qualitative pictures from this event are just as important as wedding photos, because it is beginning of lovers life story. And even if this event celebrates only by the couple together, you can choose a lot of options for making gentle, romantic or funny pictures.

A small official ceremony can take place anywhere and in any format - a buffet table in a picturesque area, a dinner in a restaurant or a modest dinner at the bride's parents. The environment will only emphasize the atmosphere of the celebration in the photo, but it will be created by the participants of the event. Everyone with their feelings, emotions and thoughts, seems to exude the fluids of joy, which a professional wedding photographer can capture.