Wedding celebration consists of two stages - before the ceremony, and after the newlyweds have said the coveted "yes." The ceremony is short, but all the anticipation, excitement, expectations and finally the joy of lovers and their loved ones falls precisely at this stage. For this reason, the main task of an experienced wedding photographer is to notice and correctly show those feelings and emotions that are hanging on the festive stage at this moment.

You can not miss the slightest detail, because even sparkling candles, beautiful floor monograms from flowers or carelessly scattered petals, small wedding bells that fall into the frame, will help to convey the atmospheric moment and make wedding photographs as realistic and memorable. On the photos of the ceremony there can be not only excited newlyweds who are swearing oaths of love and fidelity, but also other characters and objects. A beautifully decorated wedding arch, a serious priest, solemnly pronouncing his speech, a tear-stained bridesmaid, a little girl with a basket of flowers - any guest present at the wedding is part of the ceremony and the source of sincere emotions that should be visible in the photo.

In my work, I always make sure that each frame conveys the mood and temperament of the characters, reflects the atmosphere of the ceremony and fixes all interesting or amusing events at the celebration. These pictures will fall into a family photo album, and the spouses, and maybe their children and even grandchildren will be able to recall or vividly imagine that moment and that endless happiness experienced at the dawn of a life together. For this reason, the technical mastery of photographing should be supported by the talent to see, anticipate and record emotions at the most unexpected moment.