Sweet, airy, incredibly tender and beautiful, always decorated with flowers - the main wedding dessert seems to reflect the essence of the solemn wishes of the guests and the sincere hopes of the newlyweds themselves for the upcoming life together. The photos with the wedding cake are a decoration of the family collection of pictures, after all, they are most often shown happy lovers, carefully treating their partner with a sweet dessert or playfully spoiling their cheeks and noses with a tasty cream.

Any wedding is a celebration, which atmosphere creates by the bride and groom, guests, different wedding attributes and, of course, cake. Bulky multi-tiered, or small and gentle, this dessert serves not only to treat those present, but also marks the final stage of the wedding program. When the light goes out in the hall and silence comes, the cake is slowly and solemnly introduced into the room. The amazed looks of the public and the joyful faces of the newly married couple at the sight of dessert should not be left without attention of a professional wedding photographer. A photo session with the main sweetness of the celebration can be organized in a playful manner or with a touch of tenderness and sensuality - the right emotional background to the operator will be prompted by the lovers' temperaments, features of the cake, the design of the festive room and other criteria.

For a professional operator it is not difficult to cteate exclusive wedding photos with a cake. The ability to make a successful photo is not only a technically correct imprint of the characters and the object. It is important to place emphasis on small details and emotional background, because the picture will get into the family photo album, which means that it should become a conductor between the present and the past, revive memories, evoke joy and desire to live again this moment.