Every happy event in the person's life gives a lot of joyful emotions to the initiators and participants of the celebration. After many years you will look at the photos and return to that bright atmosphere. Wedding is one of the most significant events in life, and the level of responsibility for making wedding photographs is the maximum, because you can not ignore a single important event, not a single guest, and of course make the main accent on lovers' pictures.

Despite the fact that at the head of such an event there is always a couple of newlyweds, more happy views and public attention is focused on the bride. The decoration of each family photo album is the bride portrait, and many spouses decorating the walls of their homes with such large-scale images. The photo shows a young love with sparkling eyes and a happy smile, or a beauty in a wedding dress with a deep gaze and hardly noticeable raised corners of her lips, or another image that most fully reflects the whole range of feelings and a storm of emotions of a girl.

Joy, happiness, excitement, anticipation, pacification, humor - a professional operator will find out in advance on what emotional background the bride will look the most realistic, bright and unforgettable. Any detail will not remain without attention, because even coquettishly curled out of the hair curl, or carelessly raised above the veil, or languidly lowered eyes help create the right image and breathe the soul into the picture. Being a professional wedding photographer, in my work I am guided not only by the observance of the technical aspects of photography, but also by the emotional component, after all, a really gentle, expressive, soulful portrait is obtained with the correct display of the bride's feelings in the picture.