To сonvey in the photo all memorable moments at the wedding is to pay attention to the newlyweds themselves and their guests. Even on a modest celebrity, there are many invited guests, because both the bride and groom want to share their joy with the closest people, friends or colleagues on this exciting day.

To make high-quality and interesting group wedding photos, to gather all the guests together in the frame is not enough. Only a professional wedding photographer knows that sometimes the smallest thing can depersonalize the picture and deprive him of his soul. If, against the background of smiling culprits, celebrations and guests looking at the lens, one of the invitees turned away or became in an awkward position, then such a picture can not be considered successful. Arrangement of people is also of great importance, because you need to take into account age, height, facial expression, the outfit of every person and even his body weight and temperament. Colorful expression, a scene with playful actions, placing people in a circle, shooting from above, a group jump or a pyramid - there are a lot of professional techniques that allow you to shoot truly high-quality, creative, dynamic photos. The number of invitees does not matter much, since an experienced operator will be able to show everyone.

I am a professional in my business and I love my job. I help the newlyweds to stop a happy moment, multiply its colors, breathe the soul into every frame and perpetuate every bright moment in the marriage. After many years, leafing through a family photo album, the couple's memories will come alive and they will again feel themselves young lovers at the most important celebration in their life. And to return to the atmosphere of the holiday will help the original group photos, funny or creative, which сonvey the newlyweds in the environment of their loved ones.